Don’t Waste Time Waist Training


I was talking to a client while she was running on the treadmill. Her goal is to lose weight and tone. She told me that she was thinking of doing waist training; as she said this, she took her hands and began to slim her waist to mimic a corset waist trainer.

I was two seconds from hitting the stop button on her treadmill and watching her fly off and onto the floor. It was a joke, I would never! I just looked at her and she laughed. I told her that she doesn’t need to wear a waist trainer. She asked why. And I’m going to share with you what I told her.

Dangers of waist training

In my Mr. T. voice, I pity the fools who are doing waist training. Why,because it is giving women (and some men) a false sense of hope. It is not something that you can do and maintain for a lifetime.

To get that very tiny waist from the corset and maintain you would have to wear the corset tightly, all day and all night for the rest of your life. Why would anyone want to do that? If you don’t have a tiny waist by now you probably will not get one because it might not be genetically possible for you.

Genetics plays a role in your body shape, bone structure and where fat is placed. Women are working hard at trying to achieve a smaller waist to hip ratio. They are trying hard, but at the wrong things.

Waist training can go wrong if not done properly. It can restrict your breathing and cause rib damage.

Diet + Exercise  

It great that you are working hard, but work hard at what matters. Your diet and exercise. Eating healthy; cutting out bad fats, simple carbs, sweet treats and fried foods will help slim you down. I urge you to not underestimate the powers of healthy eating.

Drinking more water also can do wonders for you. If you are drinking more pop and sugary juices this could be hindering your tiny waist look. You’re ingesting nothing but sugar and dyes. You know how much pop you drink a day. Try replacing one can of pop for 8 oz of water and you’ll see a difference in your mood, skin, and size.

Lastly, and certainly not least. Be active. You can’t expect to slim down if all you do is eat and sit. If this is your lifestyle then you can seriously forget about having a slimmer waist. Get your butt up and dome something. Walk, jog, take a fitness class, it doesn’t matter, just move!

If you are just sitting, eating and wearing a corset all day you’re doing yourself and your body a huge disservice.


Video: Abs & Core Circuit


Hey happy people,

Try this floor core circuit that works different parts of your core muscles.

3 rounds 3o seconds, little to no rest in between sets

Bicycle Crunches
Ankle Taps
Reverse Crunches
Scissor Kicks

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You Deserve Greatness

Teena Cathey

Hey there

Are you wondering why you haven’t reached your goal of losing weight, feeling better or completing your first 5k? That’s because you have yet to decide to be great.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy. You know you want to be great, which I don’t doubt at all. However, wanting to be great and thinking you deserve it are two different things. Believe it or not, subconsciously some think they don’t deserve greatness and will self-sabotage their fit goals. Is this you?

I want so many things for my life. So far in my career, I’ve accomplished my set goals as well as goals I didn’t know I had. But there is still this thing in the background that lingers and tells me not to shine so bright. I think it’s that 7-year-old girl inside of me who used to be very quiet and shy.

If you have this challenge I’ll  tell you like I told myself during meditation and received confirmation through prayer. You do deserve to be great! You deserve to get that slim, tight and toned body you make a resolution for every year.

You do deserve to be and actually, feel happy even when those close to you aren’t. You do deserve to cross the finish line at your first 5k and be showered with love. So stop holding back, let go. Have faith and go on to be great.



The Habits of Mind



Before I wanted to become a personal trainer I thought I would go into psychology because of two things.

  1. I play well with other humans.
  2. I like science.

I decided not to go in the psychology direction I didn’t want to sit my butt down in a big lecture hall for years on end, nodding off to a monotone professor.

Here are the first four described.

If you want to check out the other 12 here’s the link. I am going to read more into the psyche of the psyche of humans mind habits.

What do you think about The Habits of Mind so far? 

Plus, it involved too many years of school that I liked. But here I am, using it in health and fitness. Obviously still very drawn to the human brain and how it works.

I came across The Habits of Mind. It’s described as a set of 16 problem solving, life-related skills.